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After a crisis or traumatic life event, it is not uncommon for an individual to experience or express feelings of grief or distress. The reaction can be immediate or delayed, and it is very possible for it to take months, and even years to resolve. Contrary to any policy you ... Read More
September 30, 2015Clifton Davis


“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” — Peter F. Drucker Managing is about getting work done through people. On most days, let’s say 80 percent of the time, your employees are getting to work daily and on time, interacting cordially and performing their job tasks well. You’ve ... Read More
July 6, 2015Clifton Davis


Take a look at some of our favorite ideas for bringing summer inside: • Institute Ice Cream Sundae Bar Friday. A cool treat at the end of the workweek will start the weekend off on a sweet note. • Find a 5K. Just about every weekend in the summer there’s a fun ... Read More
June 16, 2015Clifton Davis


Of course you know pretty quickly when a job applicant answers a question wrong. But do you know when the people doing the interviewing step out of bounds? More importantly, do they? They might not. In fact, 20% of hiring managers said they’d asked a candidate a question they ... Read More
June 9, 2015Clifton Davis


Firing an employee – it’s a task no manager enjoys, but sometimes it’s necessary for the business. And while most terminated employees will eventually get over the breakup, some will take their bitterness – and your company  – to court. If you and your supervisors don’t consider every lawsuit possibility before ending ... Read More
June 2, 2015Clifton Davis


Sometimes a quick meeting with one of your employees is necessary. But if you’re not being clear on the meeting’s purpose, you could be sending the employee into a frenzy. Without an explanation, they’ll likely assume the worst. Three questions that should always be followed with a few details: • Do you have a ... Read More
May 7, 2015Clifton Davis


Push the chairs to the side during your next brainstorming session. You’ll likely get more creative ideas.  Standing ignites the fight-or-flight response.  And when your body is prepped to act, you’re more engaged and creative. So finds a study from the University of Washington.   From:  Fitness Magazine 3/15
April 30, 2015Clifton Davis