Apartment Management Overview

Over its 45+ years of professional property management experience, NHE has a proven track record of marketing and leasing multi-family developments with past achievements including 90% occupancy rates within the first 90 days of lease-up.

Our apartment management divisions, described below, are overseen by a staff of highly experienced and educated individuals with the capability to maintain physical assets resulting in improved asset preservation, while establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with HUD & State agencies where applicable.

Affordable Apartments

NHE has over 30 years experience in the management of affordable housing. We understand the affordable housing landscape and have long-term relationships with HUD and State Housing agencies. From reporting to leasing requirements, our services are comprehensive and can be customized to your specifications.  

Conventional Apartments

Our property management services are designed to add value to our clients and create safe, enjoyable communities for our residents. We work with properties of all sizes and locations, managing everything from maintenance requests to accounting and rental contracts—depending on your needs.

Affordable Property Management

Services Offered:

  • Complete grant applications for service coordinator programs
  • Submit refinancing packages
  • Oversee rehab projects
  • Prepare reserve for replacement analysis
  • Prepare budgets
  • Prepare contract renewals, utility analysis and rent comparison studies
  • New Construction Lease Up
  • Monitor regulatory compliance with appropriate regulatory programs (LIHTC Section 42, HUD Section 8/PRAC/HAP, HOME, HTF, etc.)
  • Implement new or updated governmental rules and procedures and standard operating manuals
  • Prepare and participate in management reviews and physical inspections from third parties, local or state housing authorities and/or HUD

Benefits of NHE Affordable Property Management:

  • Over 30 years experience in the management of Affordable Housing
  • Long-term relationships with HUD and State Housing
  • Active in industry partners associations such as SAHMA and IREM
  • Expertise in turning around distressed properties, increasing revenue, and implementing replacement plans
  • Maintain physical assets that result in REAC scores of 90 and above
  • Develop long-term relationships with owners and residents
  • Excellent track record of marketing and leasing new projects with over 90% occupancy within the first 90 days of Certificate of Occupancy
  • Experienced in the HUD secure online system, including APPS, EIV, FASSUB, IMAX, PASS, and TRACS use and maintenance
  • Experienced user for The System for Award Management (SAMS)

Are You Looking for a Multi-Family Management Company that Provides Accountability, Reliability, and Visibility?

Conventional Property Management

Services Offered:

  • Use of Yardi software to streamline accounting and financial reporting
  • Yardi RentCafé and PopCard in addition to other social media to capture all leads generated in a manner that provides calculable results to help boost resident relations and over all tracking of marketing dollars
  • Human Resources and Payroll assistance provided by NHE’s H.R. department with expertise in many areas to maximize opportunities for employees and owners
  • With NHE’s in-house renovations team and multi-state locations, NHE has contracts with multiple vendors to achieve the best price point for purchasing and installing major construction projects down to making small repairs
  • Insurance and Risk Management are also covered at NHE through our extended footprint of locations and property types in our portfolio so that the best possible outcome in these areas is achieved
  • Consulting services are provided by our senior management team and include detailed review, planning and advice on how to improve services, control costs, and maximize the bottom line for properties in the Southeast
  • Due diligence services are provided by our senior management team to provide clients with the most up-to-date, detailed and accurate data needed to make informed and intelligent acquisition or divestiture decisions

Benefits of Conventional Property Management through NHE:

  • 45 years of professional property management experience in many areas from tax credit properties to shopping centers and everything in between
  • Long-term vendor relationships as well as with other industry professionals and organizations
  • Active in industry associations and trade groups to assist in shaping our industry
  • Expertise in acquiring and repositioning undermanaged and/or distressed properties, increasing revenue, reducing expenses and creating operating efficiencies
  • Maintain physical assets that result in asset preservation, improved resident retention rates, residential sales and improved operating income
  • Excellent track record of marketing and leasing new projects to over 90% occupancy
  • Expertise in both rental rate increases and fee development to include Water & Sewer Charges, Pet Fees, Trash Charges, Exterminating Charges as well as the enhancement of all other fees associated with transaction volume related to both move-ins and move-outs
  • Well trained and supervised professional on-site management teams at all property locations
  • Consistent review and monitoring of operational Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Regional marketing and procurement advantages with local expertise ensuring timely responses to changing demands of the marketplace

Are You Looking for a Multi-Family Management Company that Provides Accountability, Reliability and Visibility?